Category: Life


Strangely enough,
my ribs hadn’t given
my heart
enough geography lessons
on finding yours
when your nights played
a game
of hide and seek
with my days…
But I learnt
to count
stars like seconds
that were left
till you came home
while you drove
that turned into
at my end…

I hoped you’d never know
how it felt like
to race time-
from the hands
of your clock
to the scattered signals
of my telephone,
to the half drunk teacup
I fell asleep on
missing you
felt like first love
on my heart strings.


A cry for warmth


Her flesh and blood cried,

reaching out

to her ragged bosom…

crying for warmth

a warmth …

she longed for herself.

a warmth

she had not known..

all her life…

the only warmth she knew

were the lights across the street,

burnt cigarette ends

greeting her home…

the moon watched quietly

as she slipped off her motherhood,

leaving her dreams

at a stranger’s door…

The cries echoed into the night,

became one with the dark,

as she left with the burden

of a heart

that screamed.

Murder my Sins.


I’ve heard of an eternal summer
that I never saw,
stole a million spotlights
they stole hundreds of my nights…

Their eyes were supposed to open
unto splendid souls..
but  they were quite empty
and barren as my own.

I moaned at ten thousand stars,
rusty ceiling fans,
a gecko on his wall,
but not once in his eyes.

Each time ecstacy
truly felt like mine,
I found what I was to them;
just another glass of wine.

Each morning I left
with a pouch brimming with bills,
hoping the cigarette I smoked,
would perhaps murder my sins.