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Letters to my future daughter- I

Darling if

he’s the right kind of wrong,

you will make love just

by holding hands.

He’d touch your soul

before touching your body,

as he treats you

like a shrine.

He’d pick wild daisies

from the roadside

and leave on your porch

just to see your smile.

Like a prayer

he’d say he loves you,

and toast your name

with each glass of wine.

You will laugh so well,

once he learns to love you,

when the time is right

it will be worthwhile..


Dear Darling Soul Sister,

I remember how we used to be, innocently smiling and letting our dreams hold us together. Laughter was a cure for everything, and love held us together from falling apart.

You were an angel, compassionate and alive.

Life was bubbling inside you to burst, and when it did, it left several casualties along with me, watching and praying for you to find yourself gather yourself back.

I miss having you by my side, miss leaning on to your shoulder whenever I cried, miss those arms of yours that used to hold me, unlike a mother holds a child. Yet that embrace of yours spoke a million things, it was from the soul.

You were the sister I never had. A part of my soul that was  ignited in you flickered as I saw you across a million souls, and I knew that we were meant to be my friend.

Those dreams to always be there for each other,

those dreams to always tell each other  of our deepest darkest secrets…

we never thought they would be left just dreams in a matter of few years.

Oh how love can take what’s yours, how love can make you blind to what should be yours, what treasures you most.

How love feast upon other kinds of love and win.

Oh! what you wouldn’t do for a stolen kiss now,preferring it to the strong hold of my fingers on yours.

I wish I caught all your dreams in a dream catcher which I could secretly hang upon your bed, so they could slowly sleep in to your head, filled of dreams of him….

I wish these nightmares could never have gotten  to you.

Oh! I wish I could make you not feel at least a single ounce of the hurt you are going through now.

I wish I could hold you back from straying into the darkness.

I wish I never let you murder your innocence, just like that and embrace this as your fate.

I might not have been enough light for you to walk out of the darkness,

yet I wish one day you see yourself in a mirror,

and see for yourself that you are enough,

and you are the light.

Till then I will watch you from the shadows

and secretly love you

as I have, always.