The Soul Dance

My fingers felt like water as they melted into yours,as I felt that warmth of your palms I knew that somewhere among those lines in my palms, the path was drawn,

this moment was recorded.

So that we would know as we walk under these starlit sky,the rush of the vehicles against the wind from the ecstatic waves of the sea, that there was no where else we would rather be than next to each other. 

The wind probably knew the synchronized beats of our hearts, that familiar rush of blood against our fingertips as our fingers entwined.

I could feel the star dust that you are said to be made of.

I could taste your soul in the sea breeze that rushed between us.

I could see myself as clearly as the ten thousand lights that flickered far away in the stormy sea.

Standing there next to you the wind against our racy hearts,the musical symphony of the dancing ocean waves against our feet, tasting the smoothness of the sand, loving the feel of it against its skin as much as I loved the caress of your skin against mine, my heart in a frenzied tango beating up against my ribs….

The moonlight danced upon the ocean waves.

The way I would like to dance with you one day.

It felt like our own garden of Eden.

Feeling your warm breath against my cheeks as you whispered in a perfect twist of words that you loved me, I swear I felt my being undone, I felt your soul dance with mine to our own rhythmic heartbeat.

Your dancing eyes said it all.

Looking up in a nebulous delirium I saw it in your eyes.

I saw it, for the first time.

The love that I will see for ten thousand times and more

evolving with you and I.

The words flew off of my tongue,

because I darling,

am truly and deeply in love with you.

I leaned into your arms,

my haven for a lifetime to come,

our souls calm and quiet,

wise and deep

as old as the sea,

soft kisses on my skin,

claiming my

skin and bone


the stars winked mischievously 

at the moon

as they knew

our love story has begun.



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