I never knew how deep sea diving felt like

before  my heart sky dived for you,

and fell in the ocean.

I tried to grasp the parachutes,

I tried.. or maybe I didn’t

because I landed in the mysterious deeps

and found I wasn’t Aquaphobic.

My helpless cries were bubbles so blue,

as blue as the pulsating veins

crying against my trembling skin.

I gasped for air as current took me by surprise,

to a withered shipwreck,

deep down

into the unknown darkness

only to find

yours has sky dived along.



7 thoughts on “Aquaphobia

  1. well ..i dont knw much about poetry…but I gotta tell this “came for one poem and ended up reading all of it “….in a time where teenagers express them selves by posting “duckfaced” selfies on social media with stolen captions… I feel proud to have a friend like u :)… keep on posting stuff 😀 GOODLUCK

  2. dont knw much about poetry but I gotta tell this I came in to read only one but ended up being lost in your maze… nice work pusathiiii :)… really loved it … in a time where teenagers express them selves as duckfaced selfies on social media.. im proud to hav a friend like you :D… goodluck keep it up 🙂

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