A glimpse of Life

At a certain point of life all of us get fed up of the burdens, the heart breaks the obstacles that come in our way. You would. He would. She would. It is universal. And each of us will be considering a way out of all this.
A way out. As in an end to this life we have been living. Suicide.
But is it an answer?
Suicide is nothing but another way of a trouble a burden. For then your soul might never rest. Never find peace in the knowledge that you lost yourself. In this world we go on living for ourselves.No matter how you argue, it is the evident truth. You might think you are living for someone else but no you are living for yourself. Because once you want yourself to live you would despite what happens. But once you degrade yourself as unfit for surviving in this world no one can make you live. Once you give up on yourself ,no matter how many people might be backing you up. You eventually give into your belief and consider your existence worthless.
You are your own commander, your sole companion in the journey of life. Your own guiding light. So why would you let yourself drown in the oblivious  darkness? Is it justifiable?
Just because you go through a heart break, just because you were abused doesn’t mean you are unworthy of living. What you have to consider is how life has still let you live after so much has taken its toll in your life . And whether you are letting the one chance to turn over a new leaf go.
Do not consider this note as a manipulating agent. It is the truth that sub consciously you know but fail to resurface.
For a moment ..
Sit down.. think about yourself…
Why would you give up on yourself just because the world did?
Don’t you even love yourself a little?
You do. Just let the love absorb.
Nothing will get in your way.

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