I looked at myself in the mirror. Thinking to myself how I was before now. I used to take life for granted. I used to take snide comments to heart. I cried when I could not comprehend the cruelty in people. I thought always that I was the most unfortunate person. I cried till my eyes could summon the last of my tears. Till my eyes got tired of me. I stared at blank walls. Vandalized walls. Sometimes at blank space without walls. Then I realized that the walls were all in-built. The walls kept me from letting go. I finally broke the walls down. I let my past slip. Slip through the veils of my eyes. Through the shadows of my sadness,

And today the me in the mirror smiled at me.

It was at the old me.

Who was exiled to oblivion.

But I don’t feel lost.

Not now.


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