Dear Lover,

I see you. I see how you hold onto him, how the fear glints in your eyes as you watch him with another woman. I see your clenched knuckles. Their top as white as the first snow. And your heart cold. But deep inside the warmth suffocating,striving to get out. I see the tears glinting in your eyes. You just hold them there. You give a smirk. Of pity, of anger of self – realization. But then you start fretting.. fretting over how your life will turn out to be.. without him… All your dreams were centered about him..around him.. If ever you saw a future for yourself… He dominated more than half of it. Now all you can see is a future filled with gloom, of holes, of starless endless darkness. You feel your heart wrench. You feel it break into a million pieces. And yet each piece seem to scream for him. You feel the urge to be with him. For once. For twice. A moment. You fight back your tears. Clench your fists and scowl at her. She who has him now. You wish she would die. You wish you could kill her. But is it what you really want? Will he be with you again even if there was no “her” anymore? Do you think that?

Ask yourself this… Why did you ever center your world around him? Around the two of you? You should have just let him orbit your world. Or let him be  another continent , an ocean in your world. Not your world, one in his. Why did you stop living the moment you met him? Not that he is not yours anymore, you don’t see a point for it all.


Love is not giving up on life for someone. It is living it along with that someone. And once they are gone you will still possess yourself.You will still live. Vengeance is not a way to recover anything you’ve lost.

That would do nothing but drift you apart further.

Show  him that you can live. Show him that you can’t be broken by leaving. Or that you are not meant to be anyone’s second choice. It is there loss, pity them, not yourself.

They say if  you are meant to be , he will come back; but even then ask yourself “Do you want him back?”




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