A While

it’s been a while

since I wrote

for the way you

made me feel,

and here

you are

thinking of falling

out of love

with me,

choking on my words

battling your


for an unsaid three.



is a forgotten kiss

playing on your lips


is a curl of your hair

he never could

play with


is a slate  wiped clean

but then we

ran out of ink

empty is a

heart full

of feels

but a brain that

fails to think.


remember. remember?

Remember. remember

when we thought

that time

stopped still

when we kissed.

i spent most of my nights

counting fingers

to see how

sober I was

on a scale of

kissing you                                    to                      leaving

when the mornings

made love to nights

we snored away our regrets.

don’t you ever wish

that the boy

who took

out the garbage

saw our hearts

among the dirt?